A Quick Introduction

I made this blog to track my progress through my three years (hopefully only three) of university, the different subjects I do, the assessments I do in them and maybe even some other thoughts or ideas if I find the confidence to do so.

I am currently studying Communications and Digital Media at the University Of Wollongong Australia and hope to major in digital media, which is, like mentioned before, a three year course (subsequently picked up a second major in Marketing in 2018). I will be using this blog to present my ideas and thoughts on a range of different topics and matters presented in my classes, try to build on what I have been taught and hopefully help someone else in the process.

A Bit About Me

  1. I am very passionate when it comes to music, especially baroque, classical jazz and romantic styles. I play the clarinet, the saxophone, a bit of the piano and I can sing. I started playing music around the age of 5.
  2. I have always been interested in drama as well, whether it be participating in plays or musicals I always made an effort to take part in these activities in my time at school, even in my senior years. I have also won a best actor award in a short film festival when I was 13 (The film was also awarded best trailer, best ending, best director, best script).
  3. I have been fortunate enough to travel almost all around the world with my family since before my first birthday (apologies to anyone who was on that flight with me). My parents love of travel has taken me to places like North America, South America, England, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Tonga and others. Although I still consider myself to be a long way from “well cultured” I feel like these experiences have helped me achieve a more worldly mindset and attitude and consider things like difference in culture and the less fortunate.
  4. I work as a receptionist/maintenance man/cashier at a Sydney tennis centre.
  5. Some of the things I enjoy doing outside of work and university include, playing video games, watching YouTube videos, playing or listening to music and going out with friends telling stories that would never of seen the light of day if not for the few drinks I would have already put away.
  6. I couldn’t tie shoelaces until I was 6 years old……………………….


Update – November 2018:

So I haven’t really touched this post since I first made it when starting university but I figured it was about time for a brief update. I have just completed my second year of university (in the last 20 days) and will find out how I did within the next 20. I mentioned when I started how I wanted to complete the course in the estimated three years but have since discovered that is very unlikely I will achieve that goal, especially after picking up an additional major in marketing at the beginning of this year (changed this up the top as well). It seems a bit weird updating an introduction page to cover the fact I have now finished second year, but with the semester over I just felt the need to occupy myself and write something, even if it only fills up 10 minutes.



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