The Life of a Computer

There are countless ‘how to’ videos all over the internet that explain everything from how to complete a certain mission in a game to how you build own car and building Personal Computers, or PC’s, is no exception. Platforms like YouTube are saturated with videos about how to build your own PC and how easy it is to do.

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Unfortunately learning how to build something from most of these videos is like learning how to cook. In my experience learning how to cook it felt like every three seconds was somebody saying “and then leave it in the oven until it looks like its done”. Well what in the world is done supposed to look like? What if my oven is different from yours? How do I test when I think something is done? and I believe that videos of people explaining how to build a PC have the same issue, they tend to only make sense to those that know what they are doing.

I have been planning on building my own PC for an embarrassingly long time but have always managed to find excuses as to why I should be putting it off by making claims such as, I just don’t have the money or, I will think about it after I have gotten through this exam period only to promptly forget about it entirely. But if I was being completely honest with myself I would of realised, building a computer doesn’t even need to be that expensive, of course that being said I can’t settle for anything but the best to make sure I can do my university work on a highly responsive and fast computer in at least 2k resolution………. Or at least that is the reason I’m giving anyone who asks. My budget for the project which will include all hardware and software that I will need to make a working computer is between $2000 and $2500 AU and I want to use this opportunity of building my own PC to not only help people understand what all the seemingly random numbers and letters of different parts mean but also how you put them all together to create a finished product.

In case you haven’t quite caught on to what I intend to do yet over the course of the coming months I plan to (most likely) create a short series of youtube videos which address the issues of how to identify different specifications in computer parts and what you should be looking out for to differentiate between a high and low quality product, how to actually build a PC on a level that is hopefully relatable to those as absolutely clueless as myself and finally, but quite possibly most importantly, I want to talk about some of the issues surrounding computers like cryptocurrency mining and its effects on price (Especially how Ethereum mining forced up the price of graphics cards significantly). I also want to talk about how the concept of E-waste (electronic waste) is becoming a growing concern in the global community not only due to the amount of e-waste that exists, but also because of the implications it has on our environment and people’s health.


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