DON’T COPY ME!!!!! Oh, Wait…. You Didn’t?

Personally I believe that people who think they need to have their own individual niche for every little thing are ridiculous, but after going through week 5’s content for Future Networks I am able to appreciate why people might think they need one, especially on the internet. With the exception of news and new product releases I highly doubt you would be able to find anything on the internet that has not been done before, heck, you could probably at least 5-10 other blogs from this subject talking about exactly the same thing as I am. Although people tend to bang on about how there are so many duplicates of everything on the internet I think it is silly to be talking about it as if it is some kind of serious issue. Having two or more options for everything is ideal as far as I’m concerned and having multiple copies of the same things can make it easier to find and grasp concepts or buy products etc. online.

The example I want to use to show the proliferation of data, often identical copies, is through the Twitter hashtag we use in this subject. Since Tweeting is a component of an assessment in this subject (find relevant content relating to the weeks lecture to start conversation/exchange ideas) you will almost always find that two people have made links to the same articles and you might say that this is because the person who reposts the article has just scrolled down, found one far enough back and then feigned ignorance as if they had no idea somebody else had already put it there, and although that may be true, I feel as though in 9/10 cases it is a complete coincidence.




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