Anonymous – a Global Hacktivist Group

Hacktivism is the process of using computers and computer networks to promote a political agenda or a social change. The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is one ‘organisation’ (more of a collective) that has achieved a lot in the sphere of hacktivism. Formed in 2004 the symbol of the group is the use of Guy Fawkes masks to cover their faces and today the use of these masks is commonly associated with hackers.


The group started out as a “joke” between like minded people online with their first major action being against the church of Scientology in 2008 after they had a video removed from YouTube that spoke about the church. The group quickly grew from there becoming an international symbol which eventually began targeting governments around the world such as the U.S, Turkey and Uganda as well as multiple large corporations such as PayPal, MasterCard, Sony and Visa exposing various information on these groups practices.

“If my cause is more important than the law or company policy — hacking for the data I want is fine.”



2 thoughts on “Anonymous – a Global Hacktivist Group”

  1. For someone who doesnt know much about Anonymous as a group, this is a nice introduction to read about active hacktivism in our society. It is a good example to start from when talking about digital resistance, because I’d say most people have heard of anonymous although may not know how they started. It might have been better though if you included more about specific things they have been responsible for and the consequences of these. Nice post!

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    1. First of all thanks for the kind words. I would of loved to go into a bit more detail, not only because it is something people who use the internet in any capacity should know about, but also because it is kind of cool. Unfortunately was restricted in terms of amount of content for an assessment. But if I ever get back around to it I might consider making it a bit longer to include a lot of additional info.


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