Japanese Architecture

Almost 15 weeks have passed since I started my second semester of second year in university doing BCM320 (Digital Asia), a subject which is based on autoethnography. Although I would certainly say my understanding of the topic is significantly better than it was before I started, I believe there is a lot more that I need to learn before I can consider myself at all proficient at it. With that being said I tried my hand at autoethnography, specifically researching Japanese architecture, for my major assignment in the subject. I have always been fascinated with architecture and it was something I had planned to do in university back in my high school days, until the reality of my complete lack of ability in the area came crashing down on me. The video, although 13 minutes long, is quite brief on each topic because after getting started I realised how much there was that needed to be talked about in order to get the full image on architecture and development in Japan and after cutting out almost half of my total material I was still only able to get it down to its current size. The topics in the video below include; regulations on development in Japan, the Japanese aesthetic (not only in architecture but also in general) and some information on the use of traditional and modern Japanese architecture and the influence of Western themes in Japanese homes.

Apologies in advance for the terrible video quality, the camera decided to focus on the paintings behind me rather than me…


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