Peer Reviews – Progress

Round 2 of peer reviews as the same two people I reviewed last time make changes and continue to build their digital artefacts. Apart from the slight tinge of pain brought about by looking at how much both of you have done compared to myself I absolutely love what both of you are doing. Of my limited number of passions these projects fulfil 2 of them perfectly.


As someone who likes to play a game every now and then myself I have also found myself on a fair number of different gaming related YouTube channels with various types of content with a total hour watch count that I wouldn’t want to know even if you told me how to find out. But even with such a wide variety of… I would even go as far to say, EXPERT knowledge, I have never seen anything like your first post for the new DA. Although the glitch style was a little off-putting at first I was over it after the first 30 seconds and by the 5 minute mark I actually think it added to the video, playing into the games mysterious vibe (could be that it was just super suitable for dark souls like games).

The abrupt ending was a bit odd, it’s not even that it was a bad place to stop in the game. More that I was just sitting here enjoying the music and then bam music fade and screen goes black over the course of a 1/2 second out of nowhere. Im not sure if that kind of sudden stop is part of the whole aesthetic and I have no idea what could be put in to make it less abrupt (maybe something like move the game into a small box in the corner and display something else relevant on the screen for the last 10 seconds or so? I really have no idea) but I don’t like surprises, and the ending was a surprise.

Going back to the questions you pitched at the end of your blog post, for a game like God of War (which would be cool), I think it is less about starting at the beginning vs. in the middle and instead just focus on the gameplay aspects rather than all the cutscenes and the like. I guess similar to how in Jotun your video was almost entirely gameplay except for a few seconds of cutscene at the very start (I assume that was because that was the only cutscene encountered so far in the game though).


I know firsthand how beautiful both the city is at night and the national park is during the day but how you managed to make these two places look like so much fun to drive through that I almost got up mid-video (in both) to go for a drive myself is still confusing me. On the YouTube the videos are just spectacular, I don’t even know what other word to use when describing them (especially the car audio, that shit sounds mint). The shots and editing used when paired with music that just seems to fit the style of production makes the videos feel less like something I am watching on my laptop sitting at home in my pyjamas and instead become more like an experience. I don’t really think much needs to be said about the Instagram, it was working before you started this subject and it is doing even better now. Using it to keep your audience engaged and interested while you spend more time releasing higher quality videos and also potentially give people a more personal insight alongside the incredible, cinematic YouTube videos.

I think merch and Patreon are both great ways to monetize what you are doing and although it seems that side of things is still in the very early stages I think there should be some caution shown about an incoherent brand image. Since each platform for content is under a different name and the only real reference to “Error Media” is on your blog posts for uni and as the cover image on the YouTube channel.

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