Sound Project – Where I’m From

In my Audio Project I tried to make capture an the feeling of living in the city quickly transitioning to a more relaxing life on an island where I lived for a few years when I was younger. Since I was visiting the same island (Lord Howe Island) that I used to live on recently I decided it would be a great opportunity to attempt to capture the laid back and relaxed atmosphere of day to day life on an island without phone reception and very limited internet where the extent of your worries is which beach will be most sheltered from the wind.


Where I’m From, Remoscope


In my ‘Where I’m From Remoscope’ I tried to find clips that really summarised the things I liked growing up and still continue to enjoy today. I also tried to show the kind of environment I was raised in with a family (especially my mum) who had a love for nature and the outdoors.

I wanted to show everything about where I came from and the biggest things that came to mind are outdoors in parks where I used to play with friends or places where I would go hiking or swimming, playing tennis and my love for the days I spent in primary school.